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Vernacular Private Houses
"Jubun MINKA"

While MINKA is a common name for the old farmhouses and town houses in Japan since early times, people probably hold an image of it to be a "hometown" when they hear this word.
"Jubun MINKA" refers to those buildings that are designated among private houses as important cultural assets by the national government. Jubun MINKA depicts the history of life in regions nurtured for generations as living spaces over a long period of time.
As a result, they display abundant characteristics and values, such as friendliness and unique individual expression different from that found in temples and shrines.
Jubun MINKA have a great attraction as structures closely related to people's lives, but they have traditionally been introduced only through the research and academic publications of specialists.
But now the time has come for those owners living in such vernacular private houses to widely distribute its information to the people interested in Jubun MINKA.

We have created this homepage in hopes that more people will take an interest to explore the friendly existence of precious Japanese heritage, Vernacular Private Houses (Jubun MINKA).
Our goal is to have more people deepen their understanding of such valuable culture and see "Jubun MINKA" in a different light that is beyond what you had ever imagined.

"Zenkoku Jubun MINKA no Tudoi "
The Japan Historic House Owners' Society  ("Zenkoku Jubun Minka no Tudoi" in Japanese) was founded in 1977 by the owners (private and corporate) of  MINKA - the historic house - , which are all designated as the National Important Cultural Assets by the government (therefore, also known as Jubun MINKA), and on December 10, 2007 it was formally authorized and registered as a Non-Profit Organization (N.P.O) by the Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities of Japan.
 The objectives of this new organization are to exchange information about the maintenance, preservation of the historic houses and the best effective use of them so that it encourages cooperation among members of our NPO and to deepen a better understanding of Jubun MINKA by promoting exchange among owners, architectural researchers, administrative bodies and citizens interested in Jubun MINKA.
Currently, the number of members is approximately 150 and most are private owners.      

Jubun = Important Cultural Assets appointed by the Agency for Cultural
            Affairs of Japanese Government.
MINKA = Vernacular private house.

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